You slave away for hours working on your website. You may even have hired a web designer!. You've worked on your branding, written your best About page and officially hang your shingle out - OPEN FOR BUSINESS.

But... nothing is happening.

A trickle of clients, inconsistent cash flow and a lot of doubt about if you are truly cut out for this.

What pieces are missing?

Attracting clients and building a real strategy for growth and sustainability is NOT just about a pretty website alone, and that's coming from a seasoned designer and developer!

I can provide the missing link, a professional's eye and laser-focused knowledge on what your potential clients see and feel when they land and wander through your website.

The behind-the-scenes look at what is working and what is not.

I will share my expertise of effective web design, client psychology and technical know-how to diagnose and course-correct with you.

Website Audit - Mui Tsun - Business Mentor & Web Designer for female entrepreneurs

I have been a web designer and developer for fourteen years and have worked with many creatives and entrepreneurs. What I have learned while building so many beautiful and functional websites is that while the aesthetics are very important, your website is much more than colours and fonts.

It is your hardest working employee. It drives business - new and repeated. It welcomes people in and leaves an impression. It answers questions, soothes fears and guides your potential clients to the help and support they are searching for. It shows the professionalism and expertise that your clients deserve.

Unless it doesn't, and they go elsewhere for what they need.